Week 5 Update

So much is happening in such a short span it is hard to keep up! Lots of things are going right, but some go wrong, too, so we have to adapt! Extra paint peeling, a drain that doesn’t match up with the floor level, a little more asbestos here and there, too much moisture in the concrete to lay down flooring. None of these things are fatal, it just means more time and sometimes more money in the project. These things are not unusual and are to be expected, which is why there is contingency $ set aside and the general contractor has to get creative about shifting things around in the schedule. Overall, we are pleased with where we are at the moment.

VCT (vinyl composite tiles – without asbestos backing) are going in! Ceiling grids are going up as are the lights.


They are working hard on the front entry – a gentler slope, walk off grates to keep the school cleaner, and no more monkey bars (railing):

And the color continues to pop up here and there. Each class gets an accent wall and gets painted in the corner where the door is widened.


Gym floor goes down next week, ceiling tiles go in and carpeting should start soon. Summer is flying by!


Spots of color are appearing here and there to stay ahead of the ceiling installation and to work where around where the masons are cutting, building and patching. Here’s a sneak peek!¬†IMG_20170713_100101IMG_20170713_122629IMG_20170713_122714

It’s really interesting to see what is above the ceiling tiles – so much mechanical infrastructure and wiring. Most of it is being replaced or supplemented.

Week 4 BES Reno Update!

And the work continues…demolition is just about done and the crews are working hard to get all of the dust and moisture out of the building so that painting, flooring and other finish work can happen.

With so many things happening at once, it is a real challenge for the project manager to keep all of the subs ahead of each other and not in each others way: electric, data, plumbing, heating, fire systems and now lighting and ceiling work is ready to begin! Floors will follow soon after!

Check out what the lobby looks like right now.

Here’s a look at the accent colors in one of the classrooms. Each room will get at least one accent wall and paint where doors are widened.

class accent

A few rooms have peeling paint so the crews are taking a bit longer to really scrape and prep them first.

classroom workers

You can see the first of the ceiling grid going in here. Stay tuned for more later in the week!

cieling grid

Week 3 Renovation Update

Renovations continue at a very fast pace. As many as 50 people have been on site at once. Concrete cutting and masonry work is everywhere. We are lucky to have a sturdy concrete block school so the structure itself wears well. Many doors are being widened for ADA accessibility. Here’s an example:

door widen

Gym windows are out, as are the old lunch tables, and the first bits of color appear in the gym. You can also see the pooling on the roof and the non-functioning drain. we hope to have saved enough money on other parts of the project to get the roof done. It’s near the end of its warranty.


The front of the school is filled with dumpsters, constructions equipment, vehicles, and salvageable items. Each week, the Superintendent, Principal, and a school board member  meet onsite to review the progress with the architects and general contractors. So far, we are right on schedule!IMG_20170629_125625IMG_20170629_125621IMG_20170629_123419IMG_20170629_100239

Week 2 Renovations at BES

The building is buzzing with 30+ workers on site each day doing asbestos abatement, plumbing, electrical, painting, masonry and demolition.The gym ceiling was painted and it really brightened things up. New duct work through the gym was installed and was also painted.


Asbestos abatement and demolition work continues. Gym windows are removed and getting prepped for replacement!


Week 1 – Demolition Time!

With such a tight timeline (< 10 weeks) to do so much, General Contractors Neagley and Chase are not wasting any time. A construction fence went up all the way around the school with gates and signage. The playground and garden are still accessible along the side of the building closest to the entrance. you can park on the grass. Asbestos removal continues and lots of demolition work begins on floors, ceilings, plumbing, and more!