We Did It! School Opens on Time!

Kids and teachers were back to school on Monday, with no delay in opening. There are still a few pieces of the project to complete and final details will be touched up by the contractors over the next month or so.

Although not obvious to the untrained eye, this was a minor miracle. Just look back through some of the pictures and descriptions on this blog to better understand the massive amount of work that happened in the span of a few months.

Things are still a bit messy due to the late access by teachers and custodial staff, but we will be ready for an official open house and opening in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, enjoy a few pictures of the entry and hallways and try to remember what it looked like before!IMG_20170828_174622IMG_20170828_174657IMG_20170828_174707IMG_20170828_174727IMG_20170828_174719IMG_20170828_174757IMG_20170828_174805IMG_20170828_174817


Week 10 – Almost There!

It has been a big week as things get finished up for the opening day of school. We had an incredibly aggressive schedule to get this much done, and we are right on time! General Contractor Neagley and Chase and Architectural firm Black River Design deserve a lot of credit for running a tight ship, along with extraordinary Clerk-of-the-Works Bill Ford. The school will be ready for kids on Monday, with some non-critical items to be completed at night and on weekends over the next few weeks.

The teachers are moving in this week and haven’t had their usual time to prep their classrooms. Expect some chaos during the first few weeks of school as everyone settles in to this beautifully renovated school!

Now on to the pics, please don’t mind the mess! These photos were taken as things were being moved in. Furniture and boxes everywhere!

The lobby is looking good.

New hallway bathrooms – a big improvement, and ADA accessible.

The library, with some new bookshelves and rolling storage made by Vermont Corrections. Note the half walls that now provide more separation from the halls and classes and funnel traffic better.


Our great new gym and nested lunch tables.


Office service window under construction and the new walk-off rough carpeting at the entry/exit areas to catch mud and snow, plus a conference room where the office used to be!


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

About a dozen awesome volunteers helped disassemble the old lighting from the school on Saturday morning. This dusty crew took apart an entire roll-off trailer full of old lights, separating bulbs, wiring, ballast, metal and plastic. It saved a bunch of money in labor and disposal for the project. The school and community thank you!


Things Are Coming Together fast

This week is when it all comes together. Lights are all up, the carpeting is being finished and the crews are working from the extremities of the building inward and toward the lobby, where some of the final work is happening on the office and the entryway. Some classes are getting their final coats of wax and some furniture has been moved back in from the outside storage containers. Bathroom fixtures are going in and new systems are being tested.

Cleaners will be in the building all week to really make the place shine.

Here’s a peek at the new carpet and library shelves!




The front entry is coming together last.


The gym looks really nice, and the new windows are in!


Stay tuned for some pics of finished products as it all comes together.

Gym Floor!

Vinyl Composite Tiles (VCT) with asbestos backing were the flooring of choice when the school was originally constructed. That included the Gymnasium / Cafeteria. With all that wear and tear, this was one of the major trouble spots where tiles were starting to come loose and pop up. That’s a bad thing.

In looking at a replacement for the gym floor, the renovation committee went with a mid-priced option called “pulastic.”  It costs a bit more than VCT but quite a bit less than hardwood. It has been used with success in other schools. This material is durable and provides the protection and safety you need for sports use, which we need because of the multi-purpose use of the space. It is also relatively easy to maintain.

Plus, it looks fantastic! Check it out!

New Court

Week 6 Renovations

More than 50 people were working in the building yesterday! Floors are coming along and mason work is coming to an end. All ceiling grids and lights are up and ceiling tiles are going in. Fire and electrical inspections are happening. Sink casework for the classrooms have arrived and new unit ventilators are ready to install. Gym floor is being prepped and painting continues!

Gym floor prep – note the clean, bright new walls, too! New lunch tables and windows will go in last.

gym spread

Full spectrum energy efficient lighting will make such a difference and replacing 50 year old ceiling tiles really changes the feel of the school.


Counters and casework for the new ADA compliant sinks are being moved into place as well as the new air exchangers.


New Spaces

Here’s  a look at what will become a much-needed conference room. This was the Office door and service window.


This is where the office will now be located, near the front entry. The service window is to the left and will be in the vestibule where staff have a clear view of the front door and access in and out. Straight ahead is the door from the lobby into the admin area and Principal’s office.


In the office looking out:

office space