Failing Systems

The plumbing, heating and air ventilation has been of great concern for a while. These systems have been held together by the school maintenance team and by more expensive contractors over the last several years.  Simply put — the systems are nearing the end of their useful lives.

Plumbing – All hot and cold water pipes and many fixtures must be replaced. This is especially important now that we are connected to the Town’s water.

Heating – The school board has been saving up for replacement boilers which have been on their last legs for a few years now and are older, inefficient models.

Ventilation – The ventilation and controls for the air and heating systems must be replaced throughout the school. Individual room ventilators are old, loud, inefficient and are not working properly any more, causing uneven heating and air flow.  New ventilators and more modern controls will allow the heating, fans and ventilators to work together and where needed within zones.

For example, most of us have been in a stuffy gymnasium full of people. A modern system will dial up the air when needed and dial it down when it’s not, saving energy and providing the right amount of fresh air at the right time and to the right place.