Renovation Committee Process

Built nearly 50 years ago, Berlin Elementary School, one of our most valuable community assets, is in need of serious maintenance. The time to renovate is now, before systems fail and become even more expensive to replace and before student and faculty health and safety are impacted.

The School Board tasked a Renovation Committee with scoping the project and coming back with a proposal reflecting the balance between facility and educational needs and our community’s concern for affordability.

Committee members: Chris Winters, Carl Parton, Corinne Stridsberg, John Larosa, Craig Pearson, Robert McCaffrey and Peter Chevalier.

Over the course of the Summer, the committee met several times with John Hemmelgarn, an Architect from Black River Design to discuss the needs and potential fixes for our aging elementary school. It was a long and expensive list we started with, after asking for all options to be on the table. After many rounds of whittling the project down to the most necessary items, the committee brought forth a prudent and carefully crafted proposal reflecting its thorough analysis and realistic prioritization of needs.

The School Board voted to go forward with the project as proposed with a few small changes, bringing the estimated project total to $2,997,476.00. The Board hopes the Berlin community will support this reasonable and necessary proposal on November 8th.