Proposed Repairs

The Renovation Committee began by assessing a huge list of potential repairs presented by the Architect after an extensive review of the building. The committee whittled this list down to the most necessary after multiple meetings doing just that.  You can see that process here in all of these documents. The most recent date is the final list that was approved by the School Board. If you have questions and want further details, please come to come to one of our three community forums, or contact Chris Winters directly.



  • Replace doorknobs throughout building
  • Widen doorways along accessible route
  • Provide accessible drinking fountain
  • New accessible CR sinks and faucets
  • Renovate old corridor restrooms
  • Provide ADA compliant grade access at selected entrances


  • Asbestos piping abatement
  • Asbestos flooring abatement

Building envelope

  • Replace exterior doors
  • Provide airlock at front door
  • Replace gym windows
  • Add corridor vestibules


  • Replace in-wall cafeteria tables
  • Replace gym floor


  • Relight classrooms, offices, and corridors
  • Convert lighting to 120v
  • Extend fire alarm system to underserved areas/components
  • Add voice evacuation system to gym
  • Replace panelboards and transformers
  • SmartBoard connections

Fire Code

  • Remove wood stud partitions on 2nd fl
  • Enclosed mezzanine protection
  • Eliminate dead end corridors at gym


  • Replace unit ventilators
  • Upgrade existing HV units
  • Add exhaust for restrooms
  • New DDC controls
  • Post-installation verification

Interior Finishes

  • Replace VAT (vinyl tile w/ asbestos)
  • Replace carpet (library, VAT underneath)
  • Paint (limited, post cleanup)
  • New ceilings


  • Replace all hot and cold piping, insulate
  • Replace flush valves and lav faucets
  • Replace water heater

Reconfiguration / Security

  • Relocate reception/office
  • Door access system
  • Camera system
  • New latchsets with security function

Site Improvements

  • Playground collapsing leechfield / sinkhole repair

General Conditions

  • Management
  • Temporary facilities, cleanup, supplies
  • Final cleaning
  • Liability insurance
  • Schedule/phasing complexity factor